Sidai Designs

Sidai Designs collaborates with Maasai women (aka mamas) in Tanzania to produce unique, high quality beaded jewelry. They combine tribal techniques with contemporary designs, enabling them to preserve tradition whilst up-skilling artisans to create handmade pieces that can compete in a luxury market.

Their reason for being is they aspire to empower Maasai women in Tanzania through education and fair wages. They believe in preserving traditions, respecting cultural heritage and supporting the community through sustainable employment.  They are equally passionate about good craftsmanship and beautiful design, they believe all of this is possible without compromising style or substance.

Sidai - means ‘beautiful’ in Maa, the language of Maasai people. Their iconic white beading is inspired by the Tanzanian Maasai style, as opposed to the Kenyan Maasai, who use strong primary colors. Jewellery is deeply rooted in Maasai tradition and culture.

Your purchase helps to provide a living wage for the mamas, as well as social programs, education and healthcare. Your purchase helps to provide a new positive path for these women and their children.

Sadai Designs jewellery is made with as much recycled product as possible – the mamas use thread that they salvage from old grain bags, and they cut up old oil canisters and yoghurt pots to create the boning of the jewelry. These materials are complemented by luxury soft leather, beautiful glass, sterling silver and gold plated beads

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