Styling Baskets on a Wall

by Kim Richards

Styling Baskets on a Wall


Using grass or woven baskets as a wall display has been a trend for a while now, and a great alternative to art or prints. It’s certainly an interesting way to tackle a bare wall or odd space in your house. You can achieve something interesting in any room – lounge, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, even the bathroom.

Given it might take some trial and error to get the placement of your baskets just right, I suggest that first and foremost (before you start putting nails in the wall), you either lay them out of the floor, or I prefer to actually put them on the wall with blu tack and see what layout works. Take a photo and try another option until you get the look you want.


I always start with the largest basket and then work from there in terms of placing the others. This initial basket does not need to be centred, in fact I think it works better if it’s not.

Here are a few tips on different ways to style your baskets (Prefer video? Watch the video at the end of this article). 

ODD NUMBERS:  Use a range of different sized baskets and, as a simple rule, work with odd numbers of baskets, as shown below.


Baskets styled on wall in odd numbers


COLOURS:   Before buying your baskets, think about the colours you already have in the room you are decorating, is there one or perhaps 2 colours you want to bring through into your display? Say for example its blue, think about baskets with different tones of blue or subtle touches of blue, mixed with more neutral colours. Or simply go all neutral tones.


Similar Coloured Baskets on Wall


TEXTURES:   Having a mixture of textures make for a really interesting display. Different textures can be achieved by the different weaves or grasses used in the baskets.


Different Textured Baskets


    OVERLAPPING:    I love this look, but it is best achieved with a larger number of baskets. Stack the baskets close together to achieve the overlapping. Start with your largest basket and work from there.



    Overlapping Baskets on Wall


    NARROW WALL:   If you have a narrow wall and not sure how to make the most of it, its perfect for a display of baskets.


    Baskets Styled on a Narrow Wall


    EVEN NUMBERS:  If you prefer a more balanced look, hang an even number of baskets, but keep it interesting by using different sized baskets. 


    4 Baskets on Wall



    Same Sized Baskets on Wall
    SAME SIZED BASKETS:  You can also achieve a balanced look with baskets of the same size. OR
    Similar patterned Baskets on Wall


    LINE THEM UP:   Last, but not least, keep it simple by lining up 3 baskets from largest to smallest, or one large basket in the middle with two smaller baskets on either side.


    Baskets on a Wall Small to Large

    3 Baskets on a wall







    Kim Richards

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