Inexpensive ways to makeover your home this spring

by Kim Richards

Inexpensive ways to makeover your home this spring


Daylight savings is here and the days are starting to get longer, there’s that feeling in the air as we come into a new season, and everything starts to appear lighter and brighter. After a long winter, our homes can start to feel a bit stale and uninspiring, and with that comes a desire to change things up and bring new energy into our living space.


There’s no better way to bring a fresh feeling into our homes than making some changes. But it does not have to be an expensive exercise or massive job, it’s actually pretty easy to do. Here are my top tips for a spring refresh!


Create a Blank Canvas:

When you live in a space every day, things become over familiar and you stop seeing it from an outsider’s perspective or what it looks like to guests, so my first suggestion is to create a blank canvas so that you are not distracted on how it used to look, and you're able to get a fresh viewpoint. To do this, clear the room of everything except the larger pieces of furniture. Yes, everything! The art on the walls, ornaments, knick knack’s, pillows, throws, clear all the surfaces, including bookshelves. (Also a good excuse to get rid of the cobwebs!)


Empty Lounge


Big Changes:

Now, with your blank canvas, let’s get started. One of the biggest impacts you can make to a room is a new layout, by moving furniture around. I realise that this may not always be possible, given where the windows and doors are, or the size of the room, but if you can, play around with a few options. Be brave! If you can’t move the bigger pieces of furniture, then perhaps just look at a few minor changes by moving smaller items of furniture to new positions - like how the coffee table is positioned, or side tables, the placement of a rug, add a smaller chair, or a lamp? Again, try a few different options until you get it right.


Bare Spaces:

Next consider if there are any open spaces that look bare or off balance, without overdoing it of course. Can you fill that space with something? Perhaps a basket with blankets, magazines or kids’ toys in it, a smaller chair you might have in another room in the house? A plant? A lamp?



Image sourced from Pinterest


The Walls:

Have you always had the art in the same spot? Think about changing where you hang your art. Perhaps you can add new art or change out pictures between rooms? Also consider the wall space to hang things other than art, such as a basket gallery or some kind of wall hanging.


Pick and Choose:

Now it’s time to go through all the bits and pieces your initially removed from the room. You might have had a lot of clutter, so it’s a good opportunity to spring clean. Go through everything and decide what you love and want to keep in the room, what can be moved to another room, put away or thrown away.

Also, take a walk around the other rooms in your house and see if there is anything that would work well in this room, perhaps accessories that would group well with the pieces you already have.

Change the photos in the photo frames. All in all, you want to showcase your personality and style.


Blank Surfaces:

Every room has a number of surfaces, such as a coffee table, bookshelf, mantle, windowsill, console and so on. These surfaces are perfect for creating vignettes and displaying everything from beautiful ornaments, random knick-knacks, souvenirs, books, vases, pictures, the list goes on. Now it is time to style these surfaces with the pieces you’ve decided to keep in the room. Take time to style each surface, try different options, see what works together.

Also consider surfaces you might not have used before, such as a windowsill. 


Coffee table styling


Cushions & Throws:

A really simple way to update any room from season to season is swapping out cushions covers and throws. Bring in a new color or pattern with your cushion covers to brighten up the space for spring and summer. Swap the heavy chunky throw with a lighter throw. Try cushions or throws on different chairs.


Winter bedDuring winter you tend to have darker colours and chunkier fabrics


Summer Bed







Summer is a great opportunity to lighten up a room with both colour and fabrics




Bring the outside in

The perfect opportunity to bring new life into a room is with nature. Add some new plants or fresh flower, or just pick some lovely wild grasses to go in a vase. If you don’t want the hassle of looking after house plants or changing fresh flowers every week, consider some faux flowers or greenery - there are some really gorgeous and realistic options out there these days. Find different sized and shaped vases to display flowers or grasses – even some pretty recycled bottles.


Plants indoors


Throughout the process, keep taking a step back and reviewing the entire room to make sure it tells a story and everything works together.


Spring Lounge setting



Last but not least, open the doors and windows, let the light and fresh air in, pour a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy your new space.




Kim Richards

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